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  • 27 Sep


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Veteran Urges Gwen to Stop False Attacks

NORTH FLORIDA VETERAN URGES GWEN GRAHAM TO STOP FALSE ATTACK   PANAMA CITY, FL – A Tallahassee veteran who suffered serious injuries in Iraq in 2006 assailed Gwen Graham and the liberal D.C. attack machine backing her campaign for false attacks on Steve Southerland’s record.  U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Luke Murphy defended Southerland after Graham’s supporters issued an ad falsely attacking Southerland’s record on mental health for veterans.   “After serving my nation proudly and suffering serious injuries in Iraq, I had to know I’d have the support I needed when I returned home,” said SSG Murphy.  “Steve Southerland was there for me.  When […]

New TV Ad: Advocate

As the father of four daughters, fighting for the safety and wellbeing of women isn’t about politics for me, It’s about doing the right thing and ensuring women have every opportunity to achieve their dreams.  

Doctors Endorse Steve

  My name is Dr. Jon Ward, past president of the Bays Medical Society and member of the Board of Governors for the Florida Medical Association.  This morning, I was joined at a press conference in Panama City by nearly two dozen of my colleagues– Florida doctors and health care professionals – to endorse Steve Southerland for Congress.   Steve is the only candidate in this race who opposes Obamacare.  Steve supports letting patients choose their health care plans and their physicians, and has fought for adequate Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals so our seniors can get the care […]

Batten Down the Hatches

Judging by the latest false attack coming from Gwen Graham’s liberal cronies, it appears the campaign silly season is fully underway. If you haven’t seen the ad, here’s just a sample of what you’ve missed: misleading photoshopped pictures, false statements about Steve’s record, name-calling, and a heavy dose of gloomy background music.  Oh, and it’s all paid for by the same extreme California environmental group that’s bankrolling Ms. Graham’s campaign. It’s all a bit ironic, considering just a day before the ad debuted Gwen Graham called for “a new kind of approach to Washington.”  There is nothing new about Gwen […]

ANOTHER $6.2 million

  We just learned that Pelosi and her Super PAC’s have reserved ANOTHER $6.2 million to try and take back the House.   This is on top of the media buy I already told you about. This is a very big problem. It’s why we need your help – especially as we approach the end of quarter deadline on June 30th.   My team and I are announcing a Rapid Response Fund and I’m asking you to help us fund it.   We need your help today to send a message to Nancy Pelosi that our district can’t be bought. […]

Over Before It Even Started

  On Monday, fishermen across North and Northwest Florida were forced to put up their rods and reels following the shortest red snapper season in memory: just nine days.  That’s right, just over one week for the entire year to build a small business, attract tourism dollars to the local economy, or enjoy a trip offshore with family and friends. If that doesn’t make your blood boil, then wait until you hear whose side our opponent, Gwen Graham, is on when it comes to your right to fish.  When Ms. Graham visited a meeting of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery […]

Urgent: Pelosi spends $800,000 to buy Florida

    The national Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) just bought nearly $800,000 of TV ads to viciously savage me. And I’m the only Florida Republican targeted! My team and I are announcing a Rapid Reaction Fund, and I need you to help fund it: Specifically, we’ve just learned that the DCCC plans to spend $400,000 in Tallahassee, Florida, and $385,000 in Panama City, Florida to challenge me. They think they can win over the people of Florida – and this critical House seat – just by throwing money at it. But we’re NOT buckling. And we’re NOT backing down . […]

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